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Jazz-Hop Is Now ! by Switch "Groov" Exp.

Hip hop beatmaking is one of most important present musical production field. Every week, every day you could find exciting classical boombap, abstract instrumental and jazz-hop stuffs made by producers from worldwide.

It’s hiphop hegemonic trend for better or for worse !

Here you could thus hear some recent jazz & soul oriented beats with instrumental or vocal parts. From peace & love & funny Cape Town ETC Crew to amazing french project Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo, from beats issued of Cosmic Compositions compilations to british nu-soul jewel Omar, from french beatmaker Guts to japanese Grooveman Spot, let the beat goes on baby !!

This mix includes a special own "klemmerian" beat "Soul Free" available here : https://soundcloud.com/sg-exp/soul-...

Picture : MarOne https://www.facebook.com/Mar.One.paris

Jazz-Hop Is Now ! by Switch "Groov" Experience by Bab Musique on Mixcloud