Highlife #06 | Emanuela De Luca & Highlife Djs

█ After an amazing party with Kay Suzuki, Highlife will celebrate the end of the year wit the reception of italo parisian dj Emanuela De Luca. The 28t of december at One O One

In February 1995, Emanuela De Luca teamed up with Marc Bohlmann to start a club night called “bag of goodies“. For more than 10 years, every Monday night the two of them stepped down into the dim vault of a medieval basement called „Jazz Keller” to realize their dream of a weekly residency. Carefully complemented with international DJs and musicians and local artists „bag of goodies“ quickly turned into a renowned and well-respected club night being praised as the hottest Monday club south of Bar Rhumba. Over the last decades, Emanuela worked also as a music journalist for German music magazine „ouk” and shared a music column in the local newspaper. She was also involved in different “noise and experimental music“ projects with musicians and visual artists following the John Cage’s approach. Today she is living in Paris and from time to time sharing the wheels of steel with locals colleagues in several clubs of the town. She provides monthly DJ mixes for the New Morning Radio and still keeps alive her “Bag of Goodies” night with Marc."