Detroit City Musics | CD limited edition

Bab Musique and Cafoutch present Detroit City Musics - a revue of musical history of Motor City.

CD limited edition self-made with care and love : mixed compilation with separated tracks, cartoned sleeve, leaf with playlist


. Funk Connection by Psycut | fev. 2017

Regarding funk has Detroit its king, in person to George Clinton et his projects Parliament, Funkadelic or P-Funk All-Stars in particular. Detroit or the interstellar laboratory of the Pure Funk, universal and afrofuturist language as a call to travel in space rather than staying in earth, in America where minorities have trouble to exist. Clinton isn’t the only funk detroiter messenger since the city counts a lot of amazing musicians and artists such as the legendary Funk Brothers, Edwin Starr, Brainstorm, Brides Of Funkenstein, One Way and more, creating a real constellation with some kinds of funk expression : funk heavy, boogie, jazz funk, naked funk. Stay confortable, press play and let the groove going on with huge selection and mix by parisian dj Psycut

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Double CD Limited Edition (80 copies) | 10€

. Hip-Hop Way by Radiochantier | nov. 2016

No need to say again the influence of Dilla’s work about hip-hop movement. The Detroit scene isn’t limited to this key character with many brilliant and creative beatmakers, rappers and crews such as Black Milk, Slum Village, Apollo Brown, Yancey Boys… Radiochantier based in Marseille offers us a travel into the Detroit hip-hop face with this marvelous mix.

CD Limited Edition (80 copies) | 8€

. KDJ Tape by Switch "Groov" Exp. | april 2016

The third volume of Detroit City Musics serie is dedicated to Kenny Dixon Jr aka Moodymann.

This great artist of deep house scene is a unique character with his preachs during dj sets where he calls to mind the racial segregation and the color line always real in United States, with his trend to surround with sexy women or his sense for the business.

KDJ is above all a brilliant producer, a perfect synthesis of Detroit musical history as this mixed compilation means it.

CD Limited Edition (80 copies) | 8€

. The Jazz Thing by Switch "Groov" Exp. | dec.15

Motor City is of course known for Motown and soul/r’n’b productions and now as techno city. Before the 50’s was it nevertheless a top-notch jazz scene in US with development of big bands from 20’s such as the both main : McKinney’s Cotton Pickers and Jean Goldkette Orchestra. Detroit had many ballrooms and clubs in Woodward Avenue or Hastings Street where people came to dance and enjoy music.

So the city’ve produced and received during next decades a lot of great jazz musicians forced for the most part to leave it to work : Thad Jones and his brother Elvin, Milt Jackson, Paul Chambers, Tommy Flanagan, Yusef Lateef….

But the Jazz Thing in Detroit is definetly Tribe Collective - Marcus Belgrave, Phil Ranelin, Doug Hammond… - who recorded some spiritual and soul jazz masterpieces during the 70’s. A collective musical approach where art, politics and utopia were linked ! In the same way existed Strata too (Detroit sub-division of NYC records label Strata-East).

This Detroit Jazz Thing is still alive with new musicians generation with Carl Craig and his project Innerzone Orchestra in particular. Carl Craig reformed besides Tribe few years ago in order to record some own tracks and organize a tour until Europe.

Double CD Limited Edition (80 copies) | 10€

. The Soul Factory by Tony S | nov.15

The first volume is focused on the main musical identity of the city : the soul music.

With cult Motown records became soul and r’n’b tracks real industrial products which are settled to the top of the american pop charts during decades thanks to musicians and arrangers’s talents and their science of the hit production.

With Motown is it a records label’s constellation (Karen, Ric-Tic, Invictus…) which have contributed to link definetly the city with the sound of soul music. You could listen this sound signature with Soul Factory cd.

The selection includes Edwin Starr, David Ruffin, The Elgins, Stevie Wonder, Chairmen Of The Board, Barbara McNair, The Originals and more.

CD Limited Edition (80 copies) | sold out